• 2020-2021 District Calendars

    Below is a collection of calendars showing the work year for various employees of our district.  Please review Work Calendar Guide to determine which positions are scheduled to work.  Please note when downloading the PDF of each calendar that days employees are scheduled to work are shaded in gray on each calendar.  If you have any questions concerning the calendars, please contact HR at 970-348-6070

    Adopted by the Board of Education on March 9, 2020. Revised on December 12, 2020.

    This guide details each work calendar, the employee groups/positions for each calendar, and the start and end dates for the 2020-2021 school year. 

    Positions Include:
    Kitchen Specialist | Kitchen Manager | Roving Kitchen Manager | Student Worker (Nutrition)
    Student Worker (Nutrition)

    Positions Included: 
    Food Production Assistant 

    Positions Include for both Elementary and Secondary:
     Special Education Asisstants | Paraprofessionals | Bilingual Interpreter | Brailist | Community Liaison | Crossing Guard | Educational Interpreter_DHH | Instructional Assistant | ISS Monitor | Library/Media Associate | Lunch Monitor | Migrant Youth Advocate | Parent Liaison | Preschool Assistant | School Psychologist Intern | Speech Language Pathologist Assistant | SWAAAC Clerk | Title I Assistant | Title I Parent Liaison

    Positions Include:
    Bus Driver | Bus Monitor 



    Positions Include: 
    Migrant Youth Advocate | School Secretary (Elementary and K-8) | Title 1 Specialist

    Positions Include:
    Youth Advocate Dean | Dean of Students | Migrant Youth Advocate | SWAP Specialist | Secretary (Secondary)

    Positions Include:
    Welcome Center Facilitator | Elementary School Office Manager | Middle School Office Manager | SWAP Facilitator | Dean of Students (GAP) | Intervention Facilitator 

    Positions Include:
    Military Instructor | High School Office Manager | High School Finance Secretary